Our Story

Natural Business Tools was created by Melbourne based Naturopaths Judie Curtin and Bianca Potenta. With over 28 years of collective experience in clinical practice, Judie and Bianca understand the demands of running a clinic & seeing patients.

It takes years for practitioners to build their clinic foundations, each practitioner reinventing the wheel in order to implement efficient systems to run their clinic and grow their practice. It is this reason that Judie and Bianca decided to create Natural Business Tools to assist their colleagues in this often difficult task.

Our vision is to  raise the professional standard of the natural health industry by assisting and supporting practitioners in the quest to help more people attain excellent health.

Writers and contributors

Natural Business Tools content is written by leaders in the natural health profession who are experts in their field. Each writer and contributer has natural medicine qualifications and clinical experience.

Our writers and contributors are not writing on behalf of or promoting a company. For these reasons, information provided by Natural Business Tools is non-biased, evidenced based, clinically relevant and follow the philosophy and prinicples of natural health.

We also have a quarterly panel discussion with distinguished panel members and guests, to explore the most critical and complex health and business issues facing our industry today and determine the supportive frameworks and templates required to help pracitioners manage these issues.

Meet our Writers and Contributors

Supporting Practitioners

Natural Business Tools was created to support natural healthcare practitioners. Our boss is the practitioner community and our goal is to listen to what is needed and provide practitioners with the required tools needed to manage their clinical practice.

Our educational handouts and business templates are regularly reviewed to ensure we provide the most up to date and relevant information. Each month new handouts, templates and features will be released to increase our service and enhance the practitioner experience.

Our mission is to help practitioners build a successful and professional practice in the natural healthcare profession, by providing the tools so that they may deliver an exceptional educational experience for their patients.

Join us

We consider ourselves lucky to work alongside pracitioners we admire. Pracitioners who challenge the status quo, who think about the big things as much as the little things. Practitioners who are passionate and inspire us to do our best work to make a positive contribution to the practitioner community.

To find out more about our team and current job openings please email info@naturalbusinesstools.com