Communicate Effectively with Patients and Other Professionals

Are you taking the time to work ON your business as well as IN your business?
All the best practitioners set aside time to do this, and it’s the key to growing and managing your practice. The most successful clinics make a point of working on their business and have the best tools in place for regular and effective communication with patients and other professionals.

The NBT category called "Communications Templates" contains pre-written letters and email content to make the task of quickly sending effective communications easier for you.

From sending out before first visit emails, to reactivating past clients, we have over 40 different documents available for immediate use. They are located in our business letters and emails category. Search ‘reactivation’ in the search field of our website and use these documents to help you to reactivate past patients. It is easier reignite a previous patient that it is to find a new one.

Other communication templates include:
• Letters designed to communicate with other health professionals, doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and the like.
• Scripting templates to help ensure you and your staff communicate the same information to patients

We are here to help you communicate with your patients and other health practitioners, so that the patient benefits from a collaborative team of health professionals. By doing so, you also have the opportunity to create cross referral networks with other health practitioners, leading to business growth and success, where everybody benefits.