Create Systems to Ensure Clinic Success

We go into business to help people, not necessarily to run a business. But one does not happen without the other. We are taught the "craft" of natural medicine, but we are often not taught essential business principles that are the keys to survival. You can be a knowledgeable health practitioner, but if you don’t know, and implement business basics, you are likely to become overwhelmed leading to burnout and then you can’t help anyone!

Systems create a professional appearance and increase efficiency, saving you time so that you can focus on the things are that important to you; whether that be generating clients, further education or creating work life balance.

Do you have a patient health folder?
It is a great idea to have a patient health folder to give to your patients at their first visit. Once again, NBT has already done the hard work for you with numerous documents to choose from, such as diet and healthy eating suggestions, medical history forms, and your clinic cancellation policy (to be signed!). These folders can add value to your patient experience, helping to educate your patients back to health. Our news feed has more details on how you can set up systems for smooth operations that can be delegated when you grow and get too busy to do it yourself!

The button called "favourites" allows you to save your most commonly used documents for ease of accessibility.

Do you have a policy and procedures folder?
The category called Communication & System Templates will help you set up a 'policy and procedure folder’ for your front of house. Our documents are easily edited and printed, ready to be put in a display folder, job done! Having such a folder reduces stress and saves time re-educating staff and assistants on the way you would like your clinic to be conducted.

We are here to make running a health business easier, more efficient and profitable! Enjoy organising your business for growth, prosperity, and help more people regain their health!