Do you give patients a HEALTH FOLDER to keep?

A great idea for all patients is a simple, yet significant ‘added value’ Health folder. Give a presentation folder to your patients at their first consultation to use as their own personal health folder. The folders can be purchased from an office supplier, and printed copies can be made of your selected documents, the total cost of making the folder can be as little as 5 minutes of your time, and $1.20 each, yet the value is vastly more.

Examples of documents to put in the folder from the NBT library are:
- "Women’s/Men’s medical health checklist" form that can be attached to the inner left hand side
- "Patient commitment and cancellation policy" form read and signed by you patient
- "Healthy Dietary Guide" handout
- "Healthy Living Tips" handout
- "Family Medical History" form
- "How to reorder remedies/ supplements" form
- "Request for referrals" Letter (with mention of reward program)

Include other materials promoting complimentary services within the clinic and on the front you can attach a business card and a small note of your clinic days and hours of operation.

This folder can keep the patient’s blood/pathology results, details of medications, and any handouts pertaining to their health condition.

Ask them to bring it to every consultation. From our experience patients keep these for years, and it becomes a valuable way to track their health, and keep your details on hand!

Do this small task and see the effect it has on patients. Remember, when a patient values their health they will use your services, and live out your wish for them, a healthy, happy, long life!

Yours in good health, happiness and business success,

Judie and Bianca