Educate to Empower Patients

Have you explored the many patient handouts and unique diagrams?
Incorporate patient handouts and diagrams in your clinic practice and discover the difference they can make. Anytime you have a patient with a specific condition, search that condition in our database and use these documents to help you educate, motivate and empower your patients towards health eg, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, anemia, cold sores, migraines, etc.

You will find there is “power in the printed word” and a “picture tells a 1000 words”. Patients can take home the handout and read it in their own time, reiterating the advice given in consultation without overwhelming them, helping to improve patient compliance and outcomes.

Our handouts are…
• A blend of medical and natural healthcare advice
• Unbiased (no mention of products or supplements)
• Evidence based
• Scientifically referenced
• Written by leaders in the industry

Patient handouts and diagrams help you to fulfill your duty as an educator, increasing your confidence and your patient’s confidence in you. No longer spend your valuable time researching and typing up handouts, we have done that for you.

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