First impressions count!

Have you branded your documents?
Having branded documents increases your professional appearance, and is a subtle marketing ‘tool’. Patients often show other people their information. If it looks professional and contains all your clinic details (at the top of the page), it becomes added exposure for your business that has cost you nothing.

When you log into Natural Business Tools on the ‘settings’ page there are fields you need to fill in so that all your documents are personalised and branded, automatically. Do this once and you will not need to do it again. There is the ability to upload your logo, otherwise our default logo will appear. Instructions for how to do this appear on the help page.

How do you handle initial patient bookings?
Unfortunately, books do get judged by their cover and it is likely that patients may judge you from the first impressions they receive when they initially book in to see you. Therefore you want to have excellent communication systems, in place, that have been tried and tested in a clinic setting. This will give you a polished and professional presence, as well as improve clinical efficiency and client commitment. See our category named "Communication and System Templates" for all your initial booking requirements.

For example, see the following within the "Letter Templates" category:
• Before First Visit – v1, v2, v3
• Welcome Letter – v.1

Also within the category "Patient Forms" is:
• New Patient Form
• First Visit Questionnaire

These can preferably be emailed directly to the patient using our email function or if required, printed and posted. This saves time waiting for the patient to fill in forms during their visit, gives the patient more time to think about the details they are entering. Additionally, you can ask them to scan and email the forms back to you, giving you the opportunity and time for preparation research before you see them.

This task can be easily handled by yourself or delegated to a receptionist/assistant.

A small investment of your time in getting this right now will reap large rewards as your clinic grows.