Patient Handouts

Designed to educate, motivate and empower your patients.
Handouts are a useful prompt helping you provide patients with tailored advice. All handouts provide condition specific dietary and lifestyle advice, allowing you to be accurate and thorough. All our patient handouts, except the ‘Tips’ range, are evidence-based with extensive research articles in the references’.

Our handouts are automatically letter-headed with all your details, and the "Practitioners Notes" area at the foot of all our handouts allows you to add your own personal, specific advice and protocols.

Save time typing your advice by using our snippets functionality. Write your advice once, save it as a snippet and insert it into our documents with ease. You  can then edit and tailor the snippet to suit the patient.

Document List

- Adrenal Fatigue
- Alzheimer's Prevention
- Anaemia and Low Ferritin Levels
- Anxiety depression contact support
- Anxiety advice
- Arthritis and Tips to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints
- Baby language
- Blood type A/AB lifestyle advice
- Blood type B lifestyle advice
- Blood type O lifestyle advice
- Bowel Cancer Prevention
- Breast Cancer Prevention
- Vitamin B12
- Calcium Handout
- Carbohydrate
- Cholesterol-Its role in Cardiovascular Disease
- Coeliac Disease
- Coeliac Disease Shopping List
- Cold sores advice
- Cystitis/Urinary Tract Infections
- Daily Nutrient Requirements
- DASH 2 diet explained
- DASH diet guide
- Depression advice
- Detoxification Tips
- Fatty liver
- Fibromyalgia
- Fish and mercury advice
- Hayfever Tips
- Headache and migraine diary
- Hyperthyroidism
- Hypothyroidism
- Immune Strengthening Tips
- Insomnia advice
- Iodine Handout
- Iron Handout
- Macular Degeneration
- Medical health check – female
- Medical health check – male
- Magnesium Handout
- Mediterranean Diet
- Migraine handout
- Menopausal Hot Flushes- Tips to help
- Osteoporosis prevention
- Premenstrual Syndrome
- Probiotics information
- Guidelines for taking probiotics with antibiotic medicines
- Microbiome enhancing foods
- Rainbow Foods Handout
- Relaxation Exercises
- Shingles advice
- SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Handout
- Sinusitis Handout
- Stress Management Tips
- Suicide prevention crisis contacts
- SMART goal getting
- The Science of Yoga and Meditation
- Vagal Nerve Stimulation
- Vitamins and Minerals - Benefits and Food Sources
- Zinc Handout
- Zinc Taste Test Explained

- Being active in labour
- Foods to avoid during pregnancy
- Health Checklist from preconception to birth
- Morning Sickness Management
- Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidelines for a healthy pregnancy
- Pain Relief During Labour


Patient Handouts COMING SOON....

- Diabetes Type 2 Advice
- Diabetes Prevention
- Endometriosis Advice
- Gout Advice
- Hypertension Advice
- Keto Diet
- Menopause Management Advice
- Metabolic Syndrome Advice
- PCOS Advice
- Pyroluria
Fertility and Pregnancy Handouts:
- Common Conditions in Pregnancy Advice
- Gestational Diabetes Prevention and Management Advice
- Postnatal Depression Advice
- Preconception Preparation Advice
- Pre-eclampsia Prevention
- Pregnancy Questionnaire
Nutrient Handouts:
- Essential Fatty Acids
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin K

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