Welcome to Natural Business Tools

Congratulations on joining Natural Business Tools.

We created Natural Business Tools with one goal in mind – to help you easily help your clients and to raise the professional standard of our industry.

We are both extremely passionate about the Natural Health Industry. Being clinical Naturopaths ourselves, we understand the importance of showing every patient that we are professional and caring Natural Medicine Practitioners, by providing our patients with evidenced based advice.

Natural Business Tools was born into what you see today because we wish to share this with you, our unique quality product that increases your ability to educate and communicate with your patients and other healthcare providers.

Every patient handout and diagram is scientifically referenced and every business letter has been tried and tested by us in our clinics for many years. These tools have been developed from many years of attending professional development seminars and from the advice of business coaches who recommend the use of these types of documents. The goal is to save you valuable time developing these yourselves, so you can spend more time treating your patients and growing your practice.

New documents will be added each month and current documents will be reviewed bi-annually to ensure that you are providing your patients with the most up to date information in Natural Medicine.

We hope you find Natural Business Tools to be as valuable as we, and many other practitioners do.

We wish you every success in your clinical practice and we look forward to supporting your clinical growth.

In good health, happiness and business success,

Bianca & Judie